Wedding in Greece


The cradle of civilisation is the most generous place in the world.

Greece has it all: amazing sea and shores, breathtaking views, impressive mountainous or seaside locations, lovely small towns, islands, ports and chapels.
And of course tirelessly friendly people.

Shall you choose Greece for your wedding, you will find it difficult to choose among a variety of wonderful and diverse locations. Should you choose Athens and make your wedding a visit to the home-city of a great civilisation and culture? Or pick one of the hundreds of Greek islands, featuring unparalleled natural beauty…

Wedding in Athens

A classic yet romantic destination

Athens is a lively and dynamic city, day and night. With cultural richness, culinary variety, mild weather and ease of travel, it’s an all-time-classic choice for any type of event, but also having endless possibilities for a dreamy wedding ceremony and reception.

The nation’s capital features countless impressive churches and chapels with elaborate interiors, plenty of venues dedicated to wedding events, and experienced professionals who know best how to plan and execute it. Thus, the city promises to satisfy your preferences on this joyous event, whatever it may be:

  • An explosive, festive experience with lots of guests who will share your joy among great drinks, food, and music…
  • A romantic evening, with a countryside backdrop, where beloved and close friends will colour with their well-wishing…
  • An impressive reception that oozes luxury, elegance and meticulous preparation, glorifying a wedding’s true values…

Athens has everything, always simple and generous, at any season.

“Athens is a lively and dynamic city, day and night, and promises to satisfy your whims and taste, whatever they may be!”

Summer wedding in Athens

In choosing an area or suburb of Athens for your wedding means you don’t need to plan an island trip to enjoy summer fun and relaxation. From the Athenian Riviera and Piraeus’ marinas to the Mesogeia, there’s fantastic beaches galore, for your by-the-sea event. They offer spectacular sunset views, plenty of lighting, ample space and easy access, catering to all needs.

Their infrastructure gives your wedding planner or you and your people the possibility to bring to life the most imaginative ideas of the style you want, from minimal and boho to luxurious or classic.

If you are toying with the idea of ​​having your wedding on the beach, don’t hesitate to explore the options along the Athenian coast. Distances are actually shorter than you expect, with pleasant routes, while you can minimize travel times by choosing a church or chapel estate nearby.

Next day photo shooting on a beach in Athens.

Winter wedding in Athens

Wedding in winter is less common than in summer, but it has its own merits that make it special.

The season is such that it allows for rich, ‘fairy-tale’ backdrop, decoration and clothing choices, making use of:

  • Winter colours and materials: wood in its various warm brown tones, dark red, snow white, classy green, Christmas elements, and even frozen sculptures.
  • Snug warmth, emanating from candles or lanterns and lighting elements.
  • The option, usually absent in summer, to liven up the menu with intense flavours, such as chocolate or a strong drink.
  • The romantic outdoors scenery of a rainy or snowy day.

It is worth noting that, especially for Athens, winter is a particularly practical time to plan your wedding. For instance, no high temperatures, often a nuisance for the guests in summer.

Churches and venues are more available for ceremonies and receptions, and rates are more affordable because of the “low” season.

wedding in Athens
After ceremony photo shooting – Athens

Wedding estates in Athens

Thanks to the easy access and diversity of the Athens landscape, high-quality wedding events have been going on for some years, featuring both outdoor areas, lush gardens, and courtyards with pools and ample rooms, with specialized staff, extensive landscaping, and decoration solutions.

Wedding estates with chapels

For the most part, estates feature a chapel, thus allowing the ceremony and reception to be held at the same place, eliminating any further guest traffic.

They work with professionals to help with planning, decorating and lighting, as well as reliable catering services with quality food, free parking and operate almost all hours and days of the year.

You will find magnificent estates across all suburbs of Athens, close to main streets, anywhere from the coastal road to Attiki Odos.

wedding in estate Athens
Limni Vouliagmenis Reception Estate
wedding reception in Athens
Wedding reception at the Island
wedding estate in Greece
Apollonia Estate

Planning the wedding party

The celebration of a life event of such importance can only be unique.

That is why wedding planning, whether you do it with your own people or under professional advice, takes time, research and imagination.

In the facilities of the reception areas and estates, the possibilities are endless, with “scripts” encompassing a multitude of attractions and activities, such as spectacular entrances for the newlywed couple, photoshoots with guests, live shows or music and so much more.

For their part, groups of wedding professionals are increasingly refining their services by turning the reception event into a complete pleasure experience. A typical example is the possibility of integrating a wedding or van bar.

An original concept accompanied by specialized bar catering services for weddings to match the style and theme of the reception.

The cost of a wedding party in Athens

Regarding the cost of a wedding and reception, Athens presents you with a multitude of choices.

In addition to the cost of the religious ceremony, a safe estimate for a venue is 10-15 euros per person at a banquet room and 15-50 euros per person at an estate.

The menu, bar, décor, invitations and wedding favours, depending on volume and choices, can range from a few hundred euros to a four-digit number. Add to that costs of wedding rings, dress, and costume, bridal make-up, and hairstyle, plus, of course, your wedding photographs and videos.

In any case, it’s certain that some market research will produce premium quality venues and services in Athens that will ensure an unforgettable wedding experience for you, your loved one and your guests.

Wedding in Greek Islands

For a truly unique and unforgettable wedding, a truly unique and unforgettable destination is a necessary choice.

And the amazing Greek islands could not be a more suitable one. Here is why:

There is not a single aspect of them that is not special and remarkable: their cultural background and identity, their natural beauty, their gastronomy and – of course – their bounty of outstanding locations for the ceremony, pre- and post-wedding parties and events.

Your options are essentially limitless, as you can choose an island with world-class grace, such as Santorini, or one that is home to luxury, fame and elegance, such as Mykonos. Pick Paros, for a genuinely romantic and equally rich wedding experience, or Rhodes for an authentic adventure that your guests will love.

The Greek azure blue, a gorgeous sun, a scenery like no other in the world, exquisite flavours and high-quality professional services, will ensure that your happiest day will last and spread your happiness to all who will be present to witness it.

Wedding in Paros

Dazzling but yet simple. Rich and, at the same time, sparse. Could an island be so wonderful to make a wedding present?

Every year more and more couples from around the world choose the island of Paros for their wedding.

Marrying gleaming white with Cycladic air, a beautiful coast with tradition and culture, Paros grows on the visitor ever more over time.

Its noble identity combined with the beauty and variety of its landscapes and hospitable people makes it a unique destination for any couple who wants to spice up a joyous event like their wedding with a special, island touch.

wedding in Greek islands
Next day photo shooting at the port of Naoussa, in Paros.
wedding in Paros
Next day photo shooting in Saint Irene – Paros
For those of you who are looking for a special place for your wedding, Paros is claiming you, precisely because it can make come true without cutting down on imagination and creativity.

Thanks to its diversity, semi-lush locations, countryside and – of course – the sea, it plays along to any wedding style and theme, both for the ceremony and reception.

At the same time, it’s ideal for all ages – young couples, families and children.

No wonder, after all, that Paros is at the top-three amongst the Cyclades as a wedding destination after Mykonos and Santorini, according to a special tourism survey by the University of Macedonia.

But let’s see how could your “big day” be on the island of Paros…

“The island of Paros can be the perfect backdrop for any wedding style and theme, both for the ceremony and reception.”

Chapels on Paros

Picking the right church promises an unforgettable ceremony for you and your guests.

Apart from those magnificent Paros churches such as the Kimissi tis Theotokou or Panagia Ekatontapyliani, all choices are outstanding:

The monastery of Agios Ioannis Dettis.

The 16th-century monastery of Agios Ioannis Dettis will host your ceremony overlooking the pale blue waters of Cape Korakas, near Naoussa.

The church of Agios Fokas.

Agios Fokas, a scenic chapel just five kilometers from the port of Parikia, is an exciting and ideal setting for a couple to make an entrance… in a fishing boat!

The chapel of Agia Anna.

The small chapel of Agia Anna that almost ‘leans on’ the Venetian tower, at Parikia, with glistening ancient marbles and unparalleled views.

monastery of Agios Ioannis Dettis
The monastery of Agios Ioannis Dettis
Agios Fokas church Paros
The church of Agios Fokas
Agia Anna Paros
The chapel of Agia Anna

Options for your wedding reception

Choose from an endless list of unique options on how you want to welcome your guests.

Amazing resorts and hotels by the sea, with facilities ideal for your party, anytime you want, with a slew of decoration options. Villas that will embolden the lavish feel of your ceremony and provide a great hospitality experience.

Here you will really enjoy and relish the custom décor of the venues, especially for the wedding reception. Options for live music, special bar catering to suit the theme of the event: classic, elegant, rustic, youthful or traditional.

Last but not least, local Paros cuisine, with favourite recipes and, of course, top-quality local ingredients and flavours, will be part of your table.

wedding villa in Paros
Wedding reception at a villa in Paros.

Ideas for your wedding party in Paros

For your guests, choosing an island goes beyond just the content of a “wedding invitation”; it’s a voyage they will remember, a chance to escape in your company and thanks to you, an experience they will want to capture as they incessantly take photos and videos.

So why not take full advantage of the opportunities that Paros’ locations grant by organizing a pre-wedding party, or after-party, depending on how long you have planned to stay.

Below are some modern and enjoyable ideas for your own wedding party:

Cocktail Party.

Sea-view cocktail party, with unique drinks combining local ingredients and modern décor.

Beach Party

Beach party in an organized beach bar or mobile bar with open bar catering.

An original concept at a setting that allows your guests to talk to each other, have fun and meet in comfort and convenience not offered indoors. This will impress everyone and boost the mood!

Boat Party.

And if you’re already considering the suggestions above, but looking for something even more special, the sea of Paros will provide the solution.

Offer your guests a pre-wedding sail on an impressive luxury yacht, for a tour of the island.

With Cycladic weather as your ally, enjoy summer swims and dives, visit creeks and beaches, which you only get the chance to discover when on holiday, and of course enjoy food and unique cocktails aboard. More than a “boating trip” for the wedding couple and its company of guests.

Boat party in Paros
Pre-wedding boat party in Paros

How to organize your wedding in Paros

Since choosing a location for the wedding of your dreams is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, diligence and proper planning is the only way to go.

These two qualities will help you plan your wedding on Paros easier than you expect since the island…:

  • Is a three-hour boat trip from Piraeus, operating frequently, making the trip short and enjoyable.
  • Offers many accommodation options, event venues and beaches close to the port, and even the longest road trips are not more than 30 minutes.
  • Features excellent professionals for any services you may need, from flower delivery suppliers to pastry makers, hairstylists and beauticians, as well as photographers knowledgeable of the island’s areas.

If you choose to plan your own wedding without consulting a qualified professional, then internet and friends are going to be your mighty allies in the process.

After your research, visit the island to get a closer look at the potential sites and make a first acquaintance with local businesses.

How much does a wedding in Paros cost

The cost of a wedding in Paros is not that different from the cost of a wedding in any other part of Greece.

Along with your timetable, make a plan for your guests’ transportation and accommodation, in case you need to take it into account.

This will make it easier to estimate your budget, as, depending on your choices and the number of guests, the total cost can range from a few thousand euros to as many as five-digit number.

Imagine your wedding today

By all means, organizing an event on an island is not a simple affair, exactly what your wedding is and marks a new phase in your life. So it’s better to initiate it in the best way possible.

Authentic, like the tradition and glamour of Paros, like its marble.

Wedding in Mykonos

The lifestyle wedding formula, a registered trademark of the island of winds.

Cosmopolitan Mykonos is ever up-to-date, offering a vibrant, elegant wedding experience with excellent infrastructure, a paradise-like Cycladic landscape and evenings of all styles and tastes.

But the key element it promises is the glitter and glamour accumulated as a top destination for national and international stars of the jet-set, all loyal to the island’s unlimited high-society life.

An exhilarating experience

A list of celebrities who have honoured and are still visiting Mykonos would almost fill a book: the Kardashian sisters, Maria Menounos, Shanina Shaik, Adriana Lima, Luke Evans, Leonardo Di Caprio, Lindsay Lohan, James Hetfield, Mariah Carey, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande… or famous couples who chose Mykonos for their wedding, such as Hannah Cooper with Joel Dommett, or model Ana Beatriz Barros with businessman Karim El Chiaty.

Set amidst spectacular villas, crowded blonde beaches, grand hotels, luxurious yachts of every make and country, Hollywood actresses and renowned designers’ shows, wedding in Mykonos turns into an exclusive first-class experience.

Its bars and nightclubs make Mykonos the ideal destination for bachelor parties. Certainly, the nightlife is a central element of its identity, but it doesn’t just offer music, drinks, and entertainment. The island is home to art galleries, artist-photographer exhibitions, unique boutiques, and designer brands, being a hub for fashion and handmade couture, sculpture and other arts. It is famous for its Matogiannis market, continuously thrilling visitors and – why not – your guests.

It is also a premier destination for fusion cuisine and new culinary trends, integrating Mediterranean and simple ingredients into the latest recipes.

“Cosmopolitan Mykonos is always up-to-date, offering a powerful, elegant wedding experience with excellent infrastructure, a paradise-like Cycladic landscape and evening delight for every style and tastes!”

Blending the new with the traditional

Mykonos’ wedding mandate has brought together professional wedding receivers, skilled florists, experienced wedding planners and talented chefs who blend the Greek-Cycladic element with modern trends.

Hundreds of churches in hilly locations overlooking the Aegean are available for a fabulous wedding ceremony.

Agios Nikolaos of Agera, in the old port, a 17th-century church, Agios Charalambos behind Kato Anemomilous in Chora, and Agios Ioannis at the southwest of the island, overlooking Delos. Alternatively, a couple can opt for a simple and elegant civil ceremony at the Town Hall.

wedding in Mykonos
Wedding ceremony in Mykonos
wedding party in Mykonos
Wedding party in Mykonos

Planning the wedding party in Mykonos

The island’s wedding venues have great facilities, offering endless opportunities for wedding planners to take advantage of the golden beaches of Mykonos. They evoke original ideas and lofty surprises for wedding events that combine beach parties with a cocktail bar at a truly dreamlike location.

Traditional wedding in a picturesque chapel; romantic atmosphere modern wedding; a nightlife cosmopolitan event – Mykonos can serve all tastes.

In any case, however, planning a wedding on the island requires time and careful preparation, at least nine to eleven months in advance.

Wedding cost in Mykonos

As far as prices are concerned, although Mykonos is not known to be a cheap destination, a wedding can be sparse but impressive at the same time, without the need for over the top costs. An adorned boat, a chapel, a beautiful buffet, and a mobile bar are all it takes…

And, of course, the people you love and want to share your joy with.

Wedding in Santorini

No introduction required here. Santorini is not unique because it’s famous all over the world or just too popular, but because it just doesn’t look like any other island.

It combines an impressive natural, volcanic landscape, the familiar and unparalleled sunset, incredible views, bright Cycladic scenery and, of course, fantastic locations and venues for dreamlike weddings.

Wedding photographers adore it and it’s not by any chance in the top 10 of most romantic destinations in the world, attracting thousands of couples each year to celebrate the most important day of their lives.

wedding photoshoot Santorini
Wedding day photo shooting overlooking the caldera.
wedding in Santorini
Wedding day photo shooting in Santorini.

Are those who say that Santorini is an island made for lovers go a bit too far?

It’s a fact that its scenic beauty guarantees unforgettable “love stories” and its charm lure in couples from across the world to get married there, even symbolically at times.

Each year in Santorini, there are at least a thousand registered civil ceremonies and thousands more across different faiths and customs.

However, the island will not only please the newlyweds but also their guests. All guests will never forget the experience they’re offered, in choosing Santorini as the destination for this joyous event of yours. And that’s because it will paint the journey a holiday vibe, with the colours of cobblestone alleys, the caldera, the volcanic coast sand, and the wonderful flavours.

“Are those who say that Santorini is an island made for lovers go a bit too far? It’s a fact that its scenic beauty guarantees an unforgettable love story”

Churches in Santorini

On the island, there are countless picturesque chapels – over 600 – for a religious ceremony. In addition to the Cathedral, with breath-taking caldera views, there are:

The chapel of Agia Irini.

The 5th-century church of Agia Irini, with an ample courtyard, in Perissa.

The monastery of Agios Nikolaos

The Monastery of Saint Nicholas, in Firostefani, built in 1674.

The Church of Panagia Episkopi.

The beautiful church of Panagia Episkopi, in Mesa Gonia, built in the 11th century.

Agia Irini chapel
The chapel of Agia Irini.
Agios Nikolaos monastery
The monastery of Agios Nikolaos.
church Panagia Episkopi
The Church of Panagia Episkopi.

Options for your wedding reception

You have the choice of a plethora of ideal locations for pre-wedding events, receptions and activities.

The venues and halls of Santorini enjoy surroundings of exceptional natural beauty, such as vineyards, sea or beach views. Santorini estates feature spaces with small temples and halls for both the ceremony and the reception, with views that dazzle guests all along.

The island can host any kind of wedding concept: a luxurious reception at a private villa, a modern beach party or a hotel roof reception with perfect views…

At the same time, the wedding event can be made even more special with fresh ideas such as a welcome bar or a wedding bar, boosting up the leisure vibe of the event and giving your guests the chance to savour delicious local drinks and wines before or after the wedding meal.

wedding bar Santorini
Wedding Bar in Santorini.
welcome drinks wedding ceremony
Welcome drinks before the wedding ceremony.

How to plan your wedding in Santorini

Truth be told… Getting married on Santorini is not that simple.

It requires some good research to find the right location – Fira, Oia or Imerovigli or elsewhere? – plus the location for your event; and you have to make reservations many months in advance, depending on the number of guests. The same applies to travels to and from the island, as well as travels, for example, between the ceremony and the reception venue or wedding event.

Santorini is home to experienced and award-winning wedding planners who are able to organize a professional event, but it is advisable to take a preparatory trip, visit all proposed venues and test all distances.

wedding estate in Santorini

Wedding ceremony at private villa in Santorini.

The cost of a wedding in Santorini

In terms of cost, this will certainly be greatly influenced by the number of your guests and the events you plan. Although the demand is high, you can keep your budget balanced by choosing a beach and specialized bar catering services for any of your events.

Also an important factor is the time of the day your event starts, so you can make the most of natural light and views generously offered by Santorini.

Start planning your wedding in Greece

Have no second thoughts.

The Mediterranean weather will be on your side, while Greece’s fantastic landscapes will provide the best canvas and bright light for your wedding photo collection. Naturally, travelling to Greece will be a dream for your guests, as your specialised local wedding planner will tend to their needs and yours.

Greece is an all-time-classic destination for your wedding; her shine is lasting and beauty is enduring. Like your greatest love.

Are you planning your wedding party?

Share with us how you imagine your wedding and we will make it a reality.

We are at your disposal to listen to your needs and suggestions so that we can plan and make your dream event come true, together.

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